When you enter Scarborough Fair, you will see two curved, brick stairways leading upstairs. Along each stairway are 3 private tables, in “nooks”. Each table is on its own level. It makes you feel like you have an entire floor to yourself!

Please, have a seat in this one. Let me show you how we achieve the intimate lighting. Hanging over your table is a 100% brass lamp. It was imported from Turkey and was formerly at the Palms Restaurant of The Plaza Hotel in New York. Each of the 6 brass lamps at Scarborough Fair has a unique design.

A halogen spotlight from the ceiling also centers on your table. It gives enough light for you to look out the window and enjoy the view of the Yucca plants in our perennial garden. Against each brick wall are two sets of 24 LED twinkle lights hand-crafted into mini branching trees. The array of floating lights adds to the magic of your experience.

And of course, there is the small candle at the center of your table, over which you, your loved one, and your friends (on a double-date) will enjoy delicious food and great conversation.